San Diego Comic Con 2017 doesn’t disappoint!

The San Diego Comic Con is one of the most sought out nerd events in the world.

Every year, new trailers and toys are shown and this year’s comic con was no disappointment. Although we weren’t there, we followed the news every day and let me just say that there are alot of awesome things to look forward to. Here’s a couple of things that are sure to make your glasses foggy with excitement:


New Stranger Things Trailer

Two words: Super Stoked! Season 1 was phenomenal and this trailer shows more promising moments. From the ghostbusters costumes to all the great 80’s nostalgia, Stranger Things has it covered. Check it!!


New Thor:Ragnarok Trailer is Badass!

If you thought the first trailer was epic, just wait till you see what this trailer shows you. Marvel knows how to treat their nerds. I’m hoping the new infinity war trailer will premiere with this movie. 


The Orville Season 1 Trailer

Let me make things very clear, although I am a die hard Star Wars fan (I’m upset that no new Episode 8 trailer was revealed), this parody with Star Trek looks very funny. I enjoyed Galaxy Quest alot, of course not replacing Spaceballs. Anyways, Seth McFarlane is funny and this show looks good. 


Pacific Rim 2 Uprising Trailer

The first Pacific Rim did not disappoint. I enjoy mecha anime (Macross, Evangelion, just to name a few) and to see this movie was a treat. Bit disappointed the old crew isn’t there but I’m happy this movie is finally on its way. Star Wars John Boyega will star in this movie. 


There is so much goodness from this years Comic Con at San Diego. Check out Justice League trailer, The Defenders Punisher reveal trailer, and Deathnote trailer too!

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