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Through out the years, I’ve acquired a taste and an eye for local art.

It has this unique zing that only El Paso local artists deliver. Thanks to my good friends, Manuel Guerra and Raul Monarrez at Horned Toad Prints, they’ve shown me the talent chuco town has to offer. Every year, Horned Toad Prints holds a print exchange, a collaboration of various local artists who are invited to submit original, hand pulled prints and receive randomly selected prints from the exchange. In addition, a print exchange is a great way for printmakers to trade prints, build their personal art collection, and exhibit side by side with other artists of different levels. I’ve gone to various exhibitions here in town, carefully analyzed the prints, spoken with the artists, and let me tell you its a great experience. Unfortunately the local art scene doesn’t get the exposure or love it deserves and that’s where Riot Station comes in. This is an exclusive look from their print exchange collection. Take a look at the gallery and let us know what you think.


For more information about the prints or you’d like to purchase:

Horned Toad Prints

Manuel Guerra


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