iPhone 8 and iPhone X rumors

The new iPhone is set to debut on Sept 12, 2017. This past year has been cropped with weird rumors, as does every iPhone pre release. However, people were getting concerned about not having fingerprint scanner and maybe a full screen without borders.

Just recently there was a massive leak of information about the new iPhone. Some of that information claims that the new iPhone will come in 3 versions:

iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X

New feature named Face ID will utilize the cameras to do a facial scan to unlock phone and store other personal information. 

One feature I’d like to see is a bottom 3.5mm audio jack for my headphones. Its not much to ask nor is it expensive. Please apple don’t force us to buy wireless headphones. Don’t bring the same wrath as you did with the iPhone 7.

Stay tuned on Sept 12, 2017 to see which rumors made it and which didn’t.


Javi P.

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