High Speed Train Vs Fighter Jet

As a kid, I remember playing train vs plane vs car.

The car would win sometimes as would the train, but the plane would take the prize most of the time. However,  I’ve always wondered if a high speed train can keep up with a plane.

It sounds like something from a cartoon or a corny Fast and Furious movie scene. Well, after a couple of hours surfing the web I stumbled across this awesome clip of a French Rafale fighter jet being trolled by a TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) train in France! This high speed train is going 200 miles on a straightaway line course. The feeling of going that fast and seeing a plane above is surreal; of course the Rafale jet can go much faster but its cool how a land vehicle can do this. 

Take a look at the video!

YouTube via Puissance Française

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