Dear Aaron Paul

Dear Aaron,

Oh Aaron Paul, how much I miss you being Jesse Pinkman. Your quirky face expressions, your gangster like talk and meth addiction gave life to that character. Although you broke my heart when you betrayed Walter White I still forgave you.

Just the other day I saw you dancing on a treadmill, drinking Vitamin Water and dancing to Portugal the Man’s Feel it Still (I have that song on my iPhone too). I liked that commercial so much that I went to go work out, try that same move while drinking Vitamin Water but somehow I wasn’t able to pull it off, just didn’t look cool.

But wait, this morning on my news feed I stumbled across a meme about you. So , setting all my work aside, I started to look up more. For the past hour, I’ve finally filled that empty void with you, Aaron Paul. 

Why are you so confused? Why is it a white thing to have that kind of look? My wife and her mom’s side of the family have that same look (yes they are white too, not being racist). I couldn’t help to laugh at. So thank you Aaron Paul for your great looks and awesome expressions.


Your biggest fan,


P.S. Does anyone else care what Keanu Reeves is doing? What is that guy eating?


Javi P.

Local fun tech entrepreneur who loves his city of El Paso, TX.

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