Brawl On A Real Street With This Street Fighter II AR Game

Augmented Reality (AR) games are becoming the new wave of gaming that submerges you into another realm of game play.

Take this game for instance; you can now challenge anyone on any real place scenario and duke it out 1 v 1 with Street Fighter!

Although the game is still under development and not an official Capcom release, the concept is very cool and I would definitely give it a try!

For AR games you do need good hardware (i.e. iPhone 6 and up, Samsung S6 and up) but heck most people who play games have up to par hardware.

I’m a classic arcade kind of guy, I’ll need a physical joystick and buttons to kick your ass lol. Who knows, maybe i’ll be able to kick your ass too with this.

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Javi P.

Local fun tech entrepreneur who loves his city of El Paso, TX.

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